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Is it a table? :
Look around you at a reception and you will see guests grabbing a chair to sit down or to just lean against its backrest. Abachus offers the solution: a high-top table with six arms against which you can lean comfortably.  Abachus – Ceci n'est pas une table. If you are asked to furnish the Belgian pavilion at the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai, you can hardly refuse... And if you are also asked to design a new outdoor table, a kind a cocktail table around which people can gather to have a drink, you head for the drawing board straightaway, don't you? But not without taking the time to seriously consider how you can improve this kind of table. The result: Abachus...

Sitting down and standing up at the same time.

Look around you at a party or a reception and you will very often see guests grabbing a chair to sit down or to just lean against its backrest. So if you combine an ordinary cocktail table and this desire for support, you end up with the blueprint for Abachus: a high-top table with a real bonus. Six arms to be precise, against which you can lean comfortably. No more lugging chairs, which end up standing in the way anyway, but the ideal tool to enjoy a get-together with relatives, friends, or acquaintances having a drink in honour of Bacchus. Equipped with the optional integrated ashtray, Abachus is also ideally suited as smokers' meeting point, ensuring that the local area remains free from cigarette butts.

Reference :

If you take a closer look at Abachus, you will immediately notice that it bears a strong visual resemblance to Gargantua, the round table and bench seat combination that has secured Extremis a solid market position right from the start. This design classic is not only a textbook example of functionality; it is also a model of quality and durability. Thanks to its solid design and carefully selected materials, Abachus too is perfectly capable of withstanding all weather conditions.

Facts & figures :

· Abachus combines perfectly with the 2.5-meter diameter Inumbrina parasol.
· With the optional ground anchor kit, Abachus can also be used as street furniture.
· The (2 or 6-liter) ashtrays are optional and are mainly intended to be used in pubs, restaurants, office buildings, exhibition centres, or public spaces requiring a smoking area.
· The materials used are FSC labelled hardwood (Iroko), which has the advantage that each tabletop segment can be made from a single piece of wood, stainless steel for the tabletop centre, and galvanized steel for the frame.

Launch : 2010