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"Eclipse nesting cluster of tables has been inspired by the organic shapes found in nature. Eclipse is composed of four tables of different shapes, different sizes, and different heights.  The smaller tables can be concealed under the larger ones and effectively disappear, just like a natural eclipse.

The table shapes compliment each other, and they can be combined to make free flowing combinations which are personal and ever changing. The eclipse tables are a contemporary interpretation of the traditional nesting tables. The essence of Eclipse is the organic nature of the table shapes and the many nice spatial combinations which can be created.

The edges of Eclipse are thin and gently rounded.
The table legs are simply matt chrome steel rods, with felt protectors on the end.
Available finishes are: oak, walnut, wenge and white.
Eclipse tables can be sold separately.

There are 4 different sizes:
77 x 111 cm with height 35 cm
56 x 71 cm with height 30 cm
55 x 44 cm with height 25 cm
46 x 37 cm with height 20 cm"



"Small: 37 x 46cm
Medium: 44 x 55cm
Large: 55 x 71cm
Extra Large: 77 x 111cm"