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Other than a passionate horseman, Dirk Wynants is also a keen yachtsman. The intimacy and the versatility of yacht furniture inspired him in his search for a way to meet the expectations people in more Mediterranean climates have of outdoor furniture. Their milder climate allows for less robust, more refined outdoor furniture. The Kosmos table and seat combination is the perfect answer to these expectations. Its light-weight aluminium frame and synthetic leather cushions are a clear reference to the world of sailing ships and yachts.

As is becoming for any Extremis creation, Kosmos also offers added functionality. With its two semicircular seats you can create a comfortable seating area for up to nine people. And thanks to the integrated table that can be lowered to seating height, you can effortlessly convert Kosmos into a comfortable lounger for seven people...

Something to suit everybody's taste :

Kosmos' refined looks makes it also suitable for indoor use. In addition to the synthetic leather version, which does not only provide excellent seating comfort, but also the long lifespan typical of maritime products, the range also comprises versions with fabric and leather cushions. Other variants are also possible: with or without a table, with a fixed or an adjustable table, with or without a parasol, with or without integrated lighting, and an ample choice of colours for the parasol and the cushions. In short, Kosmos is probably the most customizable product of the meanwhile quite extensive Extremis range.

Facts & figures :

· The Kosmos range also comprises a protective cover for the outdoor version.
· The Kosmos frame is available in the full range of RAL colours.
· The Kosmos outdoor version is of course ideally suited for private gardens, but it is also increasingly used on hotel and restaurant patios, or similar locations. Its indoor version is just as versatile: private homes, restaurants, showrooms, hotel or cinema lobbies...
· Kosmos can accommodate seven to nine people sitting down or five to seven people lying down.
· Kosmos has its very own Kosmos parasol: An ingenious design that offers excellent wind resistance (wind force 6 on the Beaufort scale), hangs low enough to provide lots of shade, is positioned next to the table and seat combination, and opens as a fan.

All the materials used, regardless of the version chosen, are both of superior quality and extremely durable. Aluminium and stainless steel guarantee a long lifespan; the high-tech polyester parasol fabric is very robust and UV resistant; the synthetic leather used on yachts is perfect for outdoor use, even if you live close to the sea (with many hours of sunshine, high temperatures, wind, and water); the leather and upholstery fabrics used on the indoor versions are also of superior quality.

Launch : 2008