Kosmos parasol

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Freestanding :
Naturally, the Kosmos parasol combines perfectly with the Kosmos table and seat combination, but it can also be used separately. Kosmos parasol – a whole set of advantages

How do you design a parasol... :

· that offers enough shade (i.e. hangs low enough),
· that is easy to use,
· that has strong lines,
· and combines perfectly with the Kosmos table and seat combination without having to be positioned in the middle of the table?

That was the challenge facing Dirk Wynants after he had designed Kosmos. As for Kosmos itself, he once again drew inspiration from the Mediterranean way of life, from the fan to be precise.

The Kosmos parasol is definitely a typical example of Extremis innovation. As the Kosmos parasol opens and closes as a fan, it is not only very easy to use, but can also be positioned next to the benches and open relatively low. This way everybody can enjoy the shade and an even stronger feeling of intimacy than Kosmos itself already created. Its flat design furthermore guarantees excellent wind resistance.

A thing of beauty :

The Kosmos parasol has much more to offer than merely a functional design. As all technical components are hidden from view, it is a true example of aesthetic beauty. The parasol remains open by means of two hidden magnets. In very windy weather, the magnets will break away and the parasol will close automatically. A simple leather strap ensures that the inclination of the open parasol is sufficient for the water to flow off.

Launch : 2008