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Made of wood Laclasica chair is curvy like the human body and mimics its shape to convey its sensuality and cosiness. 
It seems like Laclasica was always around; but it is a brand new and fresh design, possibly a sign of timelessness.
The plywoood seat and back fuse with the wooden legs to create a fluid form of 3D plywood. Beneath the seat, an aesthetic aluminium part strengthens the structure.
A wooden chair is the ultimate design, using the noble and natural material provided by Mother Nature. And when combined with modern technology, in a sensual and fluid design, like the Laclasica chair, it becomes a piece of art and a beautiful furniture piece.
Laclasica is a stackable chair.
Laclasica chair has a very timeless look, but there is plenty of innovation and technology involved in the production process:
- 3D PLYWOOD: this German-made plywood allows the super curved shape of the seat and back.
- GLUE: Laclasica is produced with formaldehyde free glues.
- BLENDING: solid wood that blends with the 3D plywood in a seamless way,
- ALUMINIUM: the design of Laclasica includes a large aluminium piece under the seat. This allows the seat to be super thin, strong  and light. This aluminium piece is precisely produced with injection technology and it is completely recyclable.
- STOPPERS: the chair includes new plastic stoppers that can be changed to felt when you want.
- STACKING: the chair can be stacked due to separation stoppers in between seats.